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Love the pics. We want a full report on Nashville. YeHaa!


yep it's flat in here , but indeed we have two indoor skiing halls, and in the south you can ski a little, highest mountain here is about 340 meters.. quarter of a mile..

Bennett Holzworth

As a lifetime survivor of Nebraska I would recommend that you not drive 95 if you ever drive through again. I can assure you that the fine is much higher than $25. I think the last ticket the I had was over $70 and that was only 11 miles over the speed limit. They might just throw you in jail if you are going 20 miles over the speed limit. If you made it through going that fast this time, I think you are just lucky. I do agree that the 75MPH speed limit is nice. If we could only convince Iowa to join us.

I'm jealous of you tour of Hatch. I stopped by for just a few seconds when I was in Nashville and had to leave to catch a plane. I look forward to seeing his presentation at the HOW Conference. As a fairly recent convert to letterpress, I hope to meet him as well. Thank you for the pictures.

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